Appearance Requests

Thank you for your interest in having our organization participate in your event.  We recognize how important it is to reach out to the community and engage the public regarding wildlife-related issues.  Our ability to participate is based on whether a volunteer is available to attend (we keep our volunteers really busy with wildlife).  March through July is also our peak orphaned wildlife season.   As an all-volunteer organization, our members are not reimbursed for their costs in rescuing or rehabilitating wildlife, or their time or travel expenses. We value the time they already devote to wildlife, and as such, we are selective in asking them to perform additional volunteer services such as presentations.  Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your event (see event details below).

Because we frequently are asked to bring wildlife, please note that we do not publicly display wildlife undergoing rehabilitation. 

Due to limited schedules, appearances are generally focused on the programs and events which best fit the mission of our organization.   Preference will be given to organizations in which our participation will provide a meaningful impact and which aligns with our goals.  The following information is provided to assist you in requesting an appearance, speaker or presentation for your upcoming event.

Our Goals
We have 3 primary goals we hope to achieve when our volunteers appear at events:
  1. Increase awareness of our program's services
  2. Recruitment of new volunteers and/or community engagement in our programs (fishing line clean up, disaster response, humane waterfowl management)
  3. Public education related to our region's wildlife and the promotion of co-existence with wildlife
Requests should be made 2-4 months in advance of an event.  However, time-sensitive events are considered (i.e. responding to a recent wildlife-related issue within a community, etc). 
If we are able to secure a volunteer, we should be able to provide confirmation of attendance 2-3 weeks prior to your event.
Downloadable brochures are available on our website if you would like to print these off and make them available to your attendees.

Event Details
Please provide as much information about your event as possible:
  1. What date is the event?
  2. What are the hours of the event?  **please note that for all-day events or events spanning several days, our volunteers may only be available for a specific period of time
  3. At what location will the event be held?
  4. What is the anticipated number of attendees?
  5. Will a specific topic of expertise or program need to be addressed?
  6. Is there a website page about your event?
  7. Will a table/chairs be provided?

Donation Items
If you will also be asking your attendees to participate in a donation drive on behalf of our wildlife volunteers, you can find a list of routinely used items from our wish list on our website.  It is a long list, so it is usually best to request just one or two items on the list.

Typically, we do not attend events or provide presentations in the following circumstances:
  • Events which are contrary to our mission
    Our attending volunteers are required to pay an entrance fee or purchase a ticket
    Events that are outside of our region
    Events with small attendance (For classroom, home school and scout presentation requests, we recommend that you collaborate so that a larger audience can be served.) 
  • Pre-school/Grade School Audience (The VBSPCA Humane Education Director currently delivers most grade school presentations utilizing an SOL-based ciriculum.  An online form for requesting a presentation is available at