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Six Barns Owls Released

On Oct 11, 2011 six baby Barn Owls came into our care.  The parents tried to nest in a pole barn but the owners played a radio so the parents moved to a very large sycamore tree.  This tree was very unsafe and the owners did not know that the Barn Owls were nesting in the tree.  They hired someone to cut them down.  We recieved a call about 6 baby Barn Owls.  I was thinking there shouldn't be any baby owls this time of year.  But, sure enough there they were --- looking up at us when we went out to pick them up.

Belted Kingfisher Released

A male Belted Kingfisher was released after it was old enough and it's health had improved.  His sibling died due too many red ant bites.  Everytime it was feeding time it would trill, but when put out in the flight cage he didn't want anything to do with humans.

He was released right back where he came from in Virgina Beach.  Kingfishers nest in the banks among the reeds and hunt by hovering or perching on a branch over- looking the water.  Their habitat is slowly being distroyed.  Help preserve their habitat.


Pelicans Released

I recieved one juvenile Pelican from NAS Oceana and one from Va Bch SPCA.  One was much larger than the other.  The larger always protect the smaller one.  I'd open the cage door and it would always place itself between myself and the smaller Pelican.

I released them both yesterday 9-13-2011 at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  They both swam off together and as you can see they stayed close to each other.