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Washing Oiled Wildlife

Everyone's first instinct when they see oiled wildlife is to wash them.  But the moment birds become oiled, they start preening their feathers and ingesting the oil.  Depending on the amount ingested, the internal effects caused by petroleum and its additives can be as damaging as the external effects.  The bird will probably have nausea and be dehydrated, but it could also have GI ulcerations and hemoraging.  The cleaning process is extremely stressful and exhausting for wildlife, so the "inside" has to be in good shape before we can work on the "outside".  Imagine having the stomach flu (

An Exciting Future Ahead!

The time we have spent working on our proposal to City Council has been very well spent, as it allowed us to refine our vision of what we want to create; of what we require as well as what we will provide. Focusing so intensely on expanding our operations has led us to some unexpected options that we believe are very well-suited to our requirements, the wildlife we serve, and will provide the best investment for our donors.

Become A Bird Rehabilitator

We are actively recruiting for new songbird rehabilitators.  The 2012 baby season is upon us and orphans will begin arriving April through August.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in volunteering.  This is an at-home volunteer position.  We will provide full training and guidance so that you can correctly and legally care of migratory birds.  You will need to be available to provide feedings throughout the day. 

Hurricane Irene Response

In preparation for orphaned or injured wildlife impacted by Hurrican Irene the Virginia Beach SPCA Wildlife Program, in partnership with Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge, have established 2 primary response locations to receive wildlife following the storm.  Please contact our Wildlife Referral Line at 263-4762 if you discover wildlife in need of assistance after the storm has passed.  Our volunteers will attempt to return your calls as soon as possible.  In the event phone lines are down, wildlife can also be taken directly to the Virginia Beach SPCA located at 3040 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, V

Wildlife Training

The classes for Wildlife Referral Line volunteers and new Wildlife Rehabilitators have been tentatively scheduled for February 20th, 2011.  Each class is limited to 5 participants and preference will be given to existing volunteers. Click the following links for registration:

Referral Line


Wildlife Rescue And Restraint Training

If you've ever wanted to work with wildlife, you should definitely register to attend this class, which will be held January 30th at the VBSPCA.  You'll learn valuable tips and trips to quickly and safely rescue wildlife as well as an overview of the volunteer opportunities available within the Virginia Beach SPCA Wildlife Program.  Click here to learn more.

Wildlife 2011

There are big changes in store for our wildlife program in 2011.  The first has been the restructuring of our website to allow for streamlined delivery of information as well as interaction with our volunteers, supporters and visitors. Our volunteers can share their experiences and photos, rehabbers can post updates on wildlife and users can register for training or events and donate online.  We hope you'll keep checking back as the site grows.