Baby Bird

A e-mail went out today for a transporter to pick up a hatchling robin from one rehabber and transfer to another. I am a transporter and try to help as much as my busy schedule will allow. I work full time and could not go immediately, so when I got off of work I called and sure enough the baby bird was still needing assistance. I went and picked up the bird-no feathers, mouth open, looking like a prehistoric dinosaur (that's what my kids say), completely helpless and quite adorable baby along with an egg that could possibly hatch. The rehabber shared with me that a young man had brought her the bird and egg earlier that day, carefully placed in his ball cap with a washcloth. This young man (probably less than 13), took the time and cared enough to assist a helpless bird. There are some adults who could learn a lesson from this young man. I feel certain that his summer is filled with all things fun that kids are doing and yet he took the time to lend assistance. I congratulate his parents on what a caring young man they are raising. I can only hope that adults (especially ones who put baby birds in plastic baggies to "humanely" dispose of them) can learn a lesson from this young man. We strive to help every animal that needs help, whether it is a trip to the rehabber or to be humanely euthanized to end its suffering. I am proud to be a part of this organization.