An Exciting Future Ahead!

The time we have spent working on our proposal to City Council has been very well spent, as it allowed us to refine our vision of what we want to create; of what we require as well as what we will provide. Focusing so intensely on expanding our operations has led us to some unexpected options that we believe are very well-suited to our requirements, the wildlife we serve, and will provide the best investment for our donors. This experience has turned into an unforeseen and wonderful opportunity for us, and for that we are grateful, even if it has led us to a different path from where we started. Although it hasn't always been pleasant, bidding against another wildlife organization has had the definite benefit of increasing public awareness about wildlife, and has led more people, donors, and volunteers wanting to help in some way. This in turn makes US more aware of how fortunate we are to have such great resources available to us, and we will use them to expand our operations in a way that will meet the needs of our volunteers and the community we serve. We wish WRI the best of luck as they work towards their goal, and hope they wish us the same. After all, the bigger goal is and has always been to do the best we can for wildlife.  Having two wildlife facilities in the region will make that a reality.