Gull rescue on beach at Fort Story

Our rescue volunteers are really important to this organization and extremely brave. 

Rick Stewart, our main wildlife rescuer and transporter, responded (as he so often does) to a request for someone to look for and capture a Black-backed Gull with a broken wing.  A resident called our wildlife referral lline because she had seen this gull for the last  three days and it was always in the same spot.  She finally realized that its wing was broken and needed help.  She gave an approximate location of where she saw the gull.   Rick called her back, leaving a message and hoping she might meet him there.  He took off for the North end hoping for the best.  Here is his version of his "adventure."

" 89Th street is not on Fort Story it is the street before Fort Story and it is all private houses with no where to park, I had to go on Fort Story and find a way to get to the beach, walked down the beach looking at boulders and no people.  After a looong walk I saw 2 sea gulls; I approached them. 1 flew off the other didn't so I figured it was the one.  I herded him back down the beach toward where I saw some people sitting in beach chairs and asked them if they would help me catch the gull.  They just look at me and kept on sitting, I finally managed to capture it but it bit me twice before I could shut his jaws and carry him over the dunes back to my truck. I asked someone if they would open the carrier for me so I could put the gull in and, low and behold, he actually did it."

"I have been to Fort Story before to rescue wildlife but the people that call would meet me and walk back to show me where the bird was even if it was no longer there. I expect that if a person is worried about the animal they would help to locate it. I am sorry but I will not go out and try to find a lone bird on a long stretch of sand without the person at least giving me an idea where the bird is."
Hopefully the next time someone calls with a "wild goose chase" the caller will go one step further and meet our volunteer to help find the animal.  Many thanks to Rick!  (Photo by Pamela Monahan)