What Is A Wildlife Transporter?

When I tell people I volunteer to transport wildlife for the Virginia Beach SPCA, I often get a slightly confused look.  So what exactly does it mean to be a VBSPCA wildlife transporter?

On days when I have a volunteer shift, I head out to the SPCA shortly before closing and see what injured or orphaned animals kind members of the public have brought in that day.  After working with the shelter manager to determine which wildlife rehabilitators in our network the animals need to go to based on their species and other details, I pack them up for transport and drive them to the appropriate person.

We also often need volunteers to pick up animals from members of the public who are afraid of or unable to get close to the animal or who don’t have means of transport.   These animals are then taken directly to a pre-arranged rehabilitator or to the shelter.
Transporting is a truly rewarding experience as you’re not only part of a critical life-saving team for the wild animals that come in to the shelter, but also because it’s an amazing opportunity to learn firsthand about the wildlife in this area.

The SPCA is always looking for additional volunteers to help with wildlife transport.  Other than being over 21 and a resident of Hampton Roads, having a valid driver’s license and access to e-mail, and possessing a vehicle that can accommodate up to a medium size dog carrier, all you need is a desire to learn and a willingness to commit to a minimum of three volunteer shifts per month. 

If you think you might be interested in joining our wildlife transport team, please get in touch with us.