Injured Wildlife

 **Please DO NOT use our Contact form for wildlife emergencies! To find a rehabilitator near you, visit  You can also leave a message on our Wildlife Referral Line and one of our volunteers will return your call as soon as possible.  You can also visit for information about helping wildlife that is injured.  This will be much quicker than emailing us.**

Any wildlife that are injured and easily caught (especially adult wildlife) should be taken to a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator for examination and treatment or to the Vbspca during operating hours preferably an hour before closing. We do not accept wildlife on Sundays.

The very first thing you should do before attempting to call volunteers is to place the wildlife you found in a small box (Make sure that the box has adequate ventilation by punching small air holes in the top before placing the animal inside), lined with a handtowel or clean rag (do not use paper towels), and place the secured box (tape the top if necessary) in a dark, quiet location away from people and pets. Follow common-sense precautions for your own safety, such as washing your hands thoroughly after handling wildlife.

The VBSPCA Wildlife Program is a non-profit organization, and depends entirely upon volunteers to assist the public with wildlife situations. Please be aware we nor any other agency provides wildlife pickup service.  You will be asked to transport wildlife to the nearest volunteer wildlife rehabilitator or to the Vblspca.  Please follow the stabilization instructions and get the animal to a rehabilitator right away. Good intentions have killed many animals, so please do not attempt to care for wildlife yourself.

NEVER try to give food or water unless you are instructed to do so by a wildlife rehabilitator.