Wildlife Transporter

Transporters are truly the lifeline of our program. The availability of a volunteer to transport can mean the difference between life and death for an animal. No experience is necessary. We will occasionally offer classes on certain rescue situations, but you can start transporting immediately with minimal training.

There are certain rules that have to be followed to provide for the animals' safety, most of which are common sense. Our first priority is delivering wildlife from the VBSPCA to the appropriate rehabilitators daily. We also frequently need rehabber-to-rehabber transports during the busy season, as well as occasional emergency rescues and/or pick-ups. In general, the public is responsible for transporting an animal to a rehabilitator for treatment. However, in certain situations, we do attempt to arrange transport from the caller to the rehabilitator.

You may be called on to rescue a group of orphaned ducklings, or trapped babies, or to pick up an animal the caller is too afraid to touch. Rescues usually involve unique situations that the caller cannot resolve on their own. Each one is different.

You must have access to email and check it frequently throughout the day. Most of our volunteer coordination is done through our email group. This streamlines things and is much quicker than using the phone. The majority of our emergency transport requests are handled strictly through our email discussion group.

Your number will be added to our "emergency call" list. This just means you permit our volunteers access to your name and number so we can call or text you if something urgent comes up and there is no transporter scheduled. You can also email the list or call the shelter to let us know whenever you have a block of time free and can be available to do a run.

We hope you will be able to commit to one "shift" a week to either do pick-ups from the shelter, be the "on-call transporter" for any calls that come up, or do rehabber-to-rehabber runs. However, there is no mandatory minimum and you can do as much or as little as you want. We can coordinate this with your work schedule.

You need to be flexible and willing to jump right in. Transporters who do not respond to requests eventually don't get called for help and sort of "fade away" into the background. You must get involved!