Wildlife Referral Line Volunteer

The Wildlife Referral Line is our link to the public, and 95% of the callers simply need to be directed to the nearest rehabilitator. This volunteer position can be done from your own home whenever you have time to spare, and no wildlife experience is needed (we'll provide you with all the info you'll need).   Our voicemail system is conveniently internet-based.  When you respond to a call, you can find the solution either through the online training guides, the email group list, or by calling another member for help.  Most of these emergencies can be solved through the group email list.

As with all volunteer positions in our program, email is essential. Using the email discussion group will be very helpful both for support and problem-solving.

It is very, very important to give out correct information--animals' lives depend on this! Do not stray from the guidelines you are given. You are not expected to know all the answers, and it's fine to tell the caller you will call back with the information. This will happen alot when you are new, but it gets much easier with experience.