Hurricane Preparedness

The impact of Hurricane Isabel demonstrated how much wildlife are impacted by these storms. Tens of thousands of Hampton Roads residents had no electricity, and clean up of the aftermath was a tremendous effort. As residents were removing fallen trees, limbs and debris from their property, they were discovering orphaned baby squirrels. The storm hit right at the height of the fall squirrel breeding season. Even though our volunteers were also without power and faced with their own cleanup efforts, they accepted hundreds of squirrels from all over Hampton Roads.

As a result of Hurricane Isabel, we have developed a Hurricane Contingency Plan with the goal of maintaining an effective line of communication with our volunteers (who may be without phones or power for days), and providing the public with access to rehabilitators following a hurricane.

After The Storm
The following advice is provided should you find orphaned or injured wildlife after the storm passes:

  • When handling wildlife, take every precaution for personal safety.
  • Contain the bird or mammal in a secured, towel-lined, ventilated box or carrier.
  • Do not provide food or water unless you are instructed to do so by a wildlife rehabilitator. Keeping the animal in a safe, quiet location is the best thing you can do until it can be assessed by a wildlife rehabilitator.
  • Contact the VBSPCA at 427-0070 for instructions on where you can take the bird or mammal.
  • If you are unable to reach the VBSPCA by phone (loss of phone service), the VBSPCA will be the centralized wildlife drop-off location. Wildlife received at the shelter will be distributed to local wildlife rehabilitators. They are located at 3040 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.