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Raccoons: The major problems associated with this species involve their ability to invade houses or trashcans. This species is very adaptable to urban areas, and are nocturnal, meaning they come out mostly at night; however just seeing them during the day is not a sign of rabies. They are commonly seen during the day in urban and suburban areas and are usually attracted there by a food source or an easily accessed area to make a den such as under porches/decks, crawl spaces or out-buildings. The best way to prevent them from becoming a problem is to not give them a reason to come.

  • If you are feeding wildlife, stop. This will cause them to lose their natural fear of humans.
  • Keep trash inside until the morning of trash pick-up or place trash in an animal proof container, such as a metal trashcan with latches on the lids.
  • Do not leave pet food outside; keep pet feeding areas clean.
  • Remove bird feeders when problem species have been seen around them.
  • Close up all openings under and into your buildings, but before you do that make absolute sure there are no babies inside.  If there are babies call a rehabilitator for advice.
  • Clear overhanging tree limbs and branches which may be providing wildlife access to structures.
  • Clear fallen fruit from around trees.
  • Pass along this information to your neighbors. If anyone in the neighborhood is feeding wildlife directly, or indirectly, it can cause trouble for everyone.
  • Electric fencing can be very effective in keeping wildlife out of crops, beehives and structures.
  • It is illegal in the State of Virginia to trap and relocate an animal to another area.
  • (direct quote from DGIF VA website)

Birds flying into windows good advice,
although hawk silhouettes and suncatchers do NOT work.