We are always in need of help.  While most of our hands-on volunteer opportunities are primarily performed by individuals, we do offer other ways to participate that directly support the rehabilitation and release of wildlife.  We also work with scout groups and can assist with ideas for eagle scout projects.

  • Raise mealworms. This educational project provides participants with an indepth overview of the lifestages of mealworms. Songbird rehabilitators purchase tens of thousands of mealworms per month and mealworms are vital in ensuring baby songbirds receive proper nutrition.  They greatly appreciate mealworm donations!
  • Build Squirrel Nestboxes. A downloadable plan for a variety of nestboxes can be found at the bottom of this page. Due to the scarcity of natural habitat, rehabilitators prefer to provide nestboxes for their released wildlife. These habitats are instrumental in ensuring long term survival post-release.
  • Hold a supplies drive. As all the participants in your group or class to help in raising much needed supplies. See our wish list for product ideas.
  • Raise "Quarters For Critters". Add our label to an ordinary plastic mayonaise jar and set these out at your office, function or next event. Funds from this campaign are used to purchase rehabilitation supplies.
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