**Except for Referral Line Volunteers, to volunteer in the VBSPCA Wildlife Program and have direct contact with wildlife you must be at least 21 years of age, and reside in the Hampton Roads area. Sorry, no exceptions can be made.**

To learn more about available volunteer positions, visit the links on the left of the page.  When you're ready to start volunteering, please email us.  Important:  please read ALL of the following requirements carefully!

Here are some things to keep in mind before deciding to volunteer:

Commitment is everything in our program. We are all here to do the best we can for wildlife and work as a team to help them. We love it when new people jump right in and get busy.  Always feel free to speak out, ask questions, and take on new tasks. Once you are on our team, you are immediately a Most Valuable Player, and we want your input!

Please be flexible! In a program like ours, things change frequently and you never know what's going to happen. A good attitude is important when things get chaotic during baby season.

You must be self-motivated, responsible, and able to work independently, while remembering that our policies have a purpose. Our policies have been developed to insure that wildlife receive the highest level of care , as well as adhere to the requirements of our state and federal wildlife rehabilitation permits.  You will need to make sure you sign up for your shifts without being reminded. It is up to each volunteer to maintain contact with the group.

You will be asked to join our mailing list, so you can always be in touch with other volunteers. Most of our communication takes place here, and this is where announcements, information, and emergency situations are posted. We discuss everything here! Your email address and contact information will never be given out except to other group members and, with your permission, to individuals seeking help with wildlife.


Our program might not be the right fit for you if:

  • ...you're not really sure if you can volunteer regularly.
  • ...you don't check your email at least twice a day.
  • ...your views on wildlife conflict with our mission.
  • ...you would be uncomfortable taking instruction/advice from senior volunteers.
  • ...you prefer to be called if you're needed, and will decide at that time if you'll be able to help.
    In short, we need flexible, eager volunteers willing to jump in, be a team player, and stay involved.  Our volunteer support is amazing.  Every member of our group is available to assist new volunteers.  Most of us work fulltime, but help as often as possible because this is our passion (and soon it will be yours too!).  The first time you talk a caller into helping an orphan, rescue orphaned ducklings from a roadside, or raise a baby to weaning, you'll be hooked for life.  This is one of the most rewarding volunteer positions around where everything you do immediately impacts a life.  None of us are available (or are expected to be available) around the clock (24/7), but we all try hard to be there when we're needed or sign up for a few shifts a month.  If this is not your fit, we completely understand.  But we certainly hope you'll decide this is where you want to be.